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Gilles Gravier ggravier at
Mon Jun 1 13:01:39 UTC 2009


John wrote:
> Gilles Gravier wrote:
>> [snip]
>> Can you clarify your views? As far as I know, there are NO ROYALTIES for
>> use or redistribution of MySQL runtime on Windows (and on any other
>> platform). That's what the GPL licensing of MySQL guaranties... FREE
>> REDISTRIBUTION (amongst other things)...
>> Point your browser to :
>> Or a direct link from one (the closest to me) of the redistribution
>> mirros :
>> (and if you feel like bleeding edge, pick one from the
>> /pub/mysql/Downloads/MySQL-6.0 directory)
>> Seriously... no royalties there... even for redistribution. This
>> software is licensed under the GPL v2.  
> As I recall, there *used* to be royalties payable if you wrote and sold 
> software for the windoze platform that incorporated MySQL. Consequently, 
> I did not bother with it and went down the PostgreSQL route.
> Thus, I have not needed to keep up-to-date with MySQL so if the 
> situation has changed, thanks for letting me know!!
Seems it has. Or more likely, you were looking at an old binary
distribution made by a company that had included some of their own stuff
they were selling with it. I think MySQL has been GPL for most, if not
all of its life. It sure is, now. :)

For me, the choise PostgreSQL vs MySQL is more a dependence on type of
application & data you are going to process... and maybe compatibility
with existing code... Licensing is very similar. MySQL offers maybe
better enterprise-class support for those who need it. In any case, Sun
is a significant contributor to both (though it OWNS MySQL)... :)


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