No sound - did I deactivate the onboard sound driver accidentally?

Edgar Sarino nineheadedhydra at
Mon Jun 1 04:16:11 UTC 2009

To all,

I am using Ubuntu 9.x, and everything was fine, until I started adding
additional playback sliders, switches, and options, out of curiosity.

I must have screwed up the sound settings, because now I can't hear ANY
sound, not from mp3s, nor streams, nor movie files.

I am using a Dell Precision 450 - Ubuntu 9.x is on the 37 GB SCSI drive, and
I am using the secondary 147 GB SCSI drive for data.

Please help - I even tried reinstalling from the Ubuntu 8.10 CD, but it only
saw the 147 GB drive.

Thanks in advance.

- Edgar
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