Hate to give up

John Heinen hensandpat at earthlink.net
Mon Jun 1 00:32:47 UTC 2009

scott wrote:
> John/Pat Heinen wrote:
> > Karl F. Larsen wrote:
> >> John Heinen wrote:
> >>
> >>> I struggled for a long time to have an internet connection for Ubuntu
> >>> 8.o4, we got it going except for Firefox it would not start..Once it
> >>> is done it seems so simple but it wouldn't be without your help
> >>> Upgraded to Ubuntu 8.1o, everything just fine except Firefox, cannot
> >>> get it started. We unchecked Firefox off/line but still, Firefox
> >>> won't start.
> >>> Can somebody walk me through this challenge John
> >>>
> >>>
> >>>
> >> I use Firefox to prove I have Internet. If Firefox can't get Google
> >> then I KNOW the Internet is gone. What makes you think you now have
> the
> >> Internet?
> >>
> >> Karl
> >>
> >>
> >>
> > Karl, The computer is connected to the provider, it shows on my
> > telephone, also on my usb modem monitor (two little lights, one
> flashing
> > when connected) but when I type in www. whatever, I get the message "
> > not connected please try again.. I be gone for a couple of days,
> hope to
> > correspond with you next monday. John
> Ok, to make sure your getting connected from the box in question, open a
> terminal and type:
> dig google.com If you get a response, you have internet.
> In another terminal window, type: firefox
> That should start the browser. If you still no internet, close the
> browser and show us what the error, if any, is reported in the terminal
> window.
Thank you. Well , the internet connection seems to be allright, cause we
can get connected through or with windows xp.and so we do have a
connection through pon, we are on up and running but not with Firefox.
The second suggestion, typed Firefox in a terminal, the response was
"connection terminated, no servers could be reached, connection
terminated" We also unchecked "work off line" in file, firfox John

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