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keith dewitt keithdewitt at
Sat Jan 31 15:27:31 UTC 2009

"for example if your kernel is "2.6.10-5-386", the headers will be

I am using 2.6.27-11-generic, but Linux headers in Synaptic are
2.6.27-(7 or 9 not 11) so not an exact match. Is that a problem?
(2.6.27-7.16 is installed currently. 2.6.27-9 is availible)

Followed these steps and got to the point where it seems I have to
build my own kernel (I have instructions on that), but am I missing

HOWTO: Latest NVIDIA drivers

Before you start you have to make sure the following things are
installed (see points "a","b","c"). If not, you can install them
following these steps:

Open either Terminal or Konsole and type:

uname -r (this will tell you the name and version of the kernel you are using)

Open either Synaptic or Kynaptic

a) press the "Search" button and put "header" in the search field

you will see a list of files, find "linux-headers-the name you got
from uname -r"

for example if your kernel is "2.6.10-5-386", the headers will be

click on the files and select "Mark for installation"

b) press the "Search" button and put "linux-source" in the search field

you will see a list of files, find "linux-source-the name you got from uname -r"

click on the file and select "Mark for installation"

c) press the "Search" button and put "build-essential" in the search field

click on the file and select "Mark for installation"

d) Press the "Apply" button.

You can close Synaptic (or Kynaptic) after it has finished installing
the headers.

Ok, now let's begin:

1) uninstall nvidia-glx (if you don't have it just go to step 2)

2) remove the file manually:
sudo rm /etc/init.d/nvidia-glx

3) sudo apt-get install gcc (just in case)

ctl-alt-f1 (so as to get to the command line, not a windowed terminal,
but out of the graphical interface GUI)

login with your username and password (if required)

sudo /etc/init.d/gdm stop (or "kdm stop" if you use KDE)

cd "directory where you have the nvidia installer"

If you have Ubuntu 64bit type: **
sudo sh

Otherwise if you have Ubuntu 32 bit type:
sudo sh

(got this far)

nvidia-installer log file '/var/log/nvidia-installer.log'
creation time: Sat Jan 31 01:55:10 2009
installer version: 1.0.7
Using: nvidia-installer ncurses user interface
-> License accepted.
-> Installing NVIDIA driver version 180.22.
-> No precompiled kernel interface was found to match your kernel; would you li
   ke the installer to attempt to download a kernel interface for your kernel f
   rom the NVIDIA ftp site ( (Answer: Yes)
-> No matching precompiled kernel interface was found on the NVIDIA ftp site;
   this means that the installer will need to compile a kernel interface for
   your kernel.
-> Performing CC sanity check with CC="cc".
-> Performing CC version check with CC="cc".
-> Kernel source path: '/lib/modules/2.6.27-7-generic/build'
-> Kernel output path: '/lib/modules/2.6.27-7-generic/build'
-> Performing rivafb check.
-> Performing nvidiafb check.
-> Performing Xen check.
-> Cleaning kernel module build directory.
   executing: 'cd ./usr/src/nv; make clean'...
-> Building kernel module:
   executing: 'cd ./usr/src/nv; make module SYSSRC=/lib/modules/2.6.27-7-generi
   c/build SYSOUT=/lib/modules/2.6.27-7-generic/build'...
   NVIDIA: calling KBUILD...
   make CC=cc  KBUILD_VERBOSE=1 -C /lib/modules/2.6.27-7-generic/build SUBDIRS=
   /tmp/selfgz6146/NVIDIA-Linux-x86_64-180.22-pkg2/usr/src/nv modules
   test -e include/linux/autoconf.h -a -e include/config/auto.conf

	echo "  ERROR: Kernel configuration is invalid.";		\
   	echo "         include/linux/autoconf.h or include/config/auto.conf are mis
   sing.";	\
   	echo "         Run 'make oldconfig && make prepare' on kernel src to fix it
   .";	\
   	echo;								\

ERROR: Unable to load the kernel module 'nvidia.ko'.  This happens most
       frequently when this kernel module was built against the wrong or
       improperly configured kernel sources, with a version of gcc that differs
       from the one used to build the target kernel, or if a driver such as
       rivafb/nvidiafb is present and prevents the NVIDIA kernel module from
       obtaining ownership of the NVIDIA graphics device(s), or NVIDIA GPU
       installed in this system is not supported by this NVIDIA Linux graphics
       driver release.

ERROR: Installation has failed.  Please see the file
       '/var/log/nvidia-installer.log' for details.  You may find suggestions
       on fixing installation problems in the README available on the Linux
       driver download page at


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