Looking for volunteers for Ubuntututor Project (video tutor)

Dill sarpulhu at gmail.com
Wed Jan 28 20:09:18 UTC 2009

As posted in the forum as well. Not sure really to ask.

What is Ubuntututor?

It is a collection of videos (or screencasts) on YouTube that teaches
Ubuntu users how to perform tasks on their computer, from the very
basic to the advanced. The videos are actual recordings of someone
doing a computer task and explaining what they are doing as they go.
By watching someone do the task on video, there is less chance of
confusion and the user will find that it's easier and quicker than
reading a long paragraph on how to do it. It's great for people not
comfortable with computers. The videos are listed on the YouTube
channel "ubuntututor" and sorted based of the task the user wants to
do. By searching YouTube a Ubuntu user should be able to find a video
that explains what they want to do. Under each video there will also
be a place where people can comment and offer tips or extra advice.
The Ubuntu community could even reply to the videos with screencasts
of their own with alternate advice or more information. The videos are
all done by volunteers for free and can be viewed by anyone, anytime.
All the videos that are part of the Ubuntututor project will be at:
All the videos will be added to the "Favorites".

see: http://sites.google.com/site/videoubuntututor/Home for the
starting out page and
http://sites.google.com/site/videoubuntututor/make is you want to help

I'm stuck behind a really SLOW modem right now so I haven't been able
to upload any yet. Any one else interested in making videos? Good Idea
or Not?
(For those who wonder why not use the existing screencast page - it's
out of date, doesn't have reply or comment features like YouTube,
people are familiar with YouTube and can make a whole video and upload
it in under half an hour, using YouTube we will get a larger audience
and allows each volunteer to maintain their own videos)

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