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Fri Jan 30 14:25:15 UTC 2009

Alex Janssen wrote:
> Justin wrote:
>> You guys are missing the point. It's for a business, and an office at 
>> that. He states in his OP that he wants something that works OOB, so 
>> don't suggest that he get something that might not.
>> Second, ATI? Still no. Obviously ATI is better if you need 3D, but... 
>> office. Intel drivers, especially for the G31 and G41 I pointed him 
>> to, will be hassle free. You won't even need to enable any restriced 
>> drivers. Doesn't get easier.
>> On Thu, Jan 29, 2009 at 12:16 PM, Eberhard Roloff <tuxebi at 
>> <mailto:tuxebi at>> wrote:
>>     Dotan Cohen wrote:
>>     >>> ATI has really improved their open source image in tha past
>>     year. I
>>     >>> would actually put them above Intel now. Intel has better FOSS
>>     >>> drivers, but the fglrx drivers from ATI are very decent now,
>>     >> Included in Ubuntu OTOB?
>>     >>
>>     >
>>     > Österreichische Termin und Optionenbörs?
>>     >
>>     This one is great!!!!!
>>     For our Austrian Readers:
>>     Optionenbörse (with "e" at the end) is correct. ;-)))
>>     Eberhard
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> Justin's right here.  I am not looking for the optimal board, just one 
> that has fair performance and works with minimum trouble.  I like 
> solving problems, but when I have to have a sales rep or accounting back 
> up running in a couple of hours, I just need it to work.
> I do appreciate all the enthusiasm.  I'm sure there are others on this 
> list that are in my position that this info will help.
> -Alex

	I missed this thread, but have you checked out Dell's computers loaded 
with Ubuntu? They're tested by Dell, and they come with support...

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