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Flynn, Steve (L & P - IT) Steve.Flynn at capita.co.uk
Fri Jan 30 11:39:16 UTC 2009

I spend most of my working day on a number of AIX servers. Out of the
box, AIX has a minimal .profile script - does nothing more than check
your mail and let you know if you have any. Consequently, the first
thing I set up are a collection of aliases for commonly used commands...
usually switching on the interactive switch on destructive commands such
as rm plus setting the prompt to show me the machine I'm logged in to.


I wondered how many of you customise the default .bashrc file on your
Ubuntu installations. My own .bashrc runs to something like 40k now (I
have no idea of what it actually is but it's over a thousand lines).


Anyone care to share any particularly useful functions, aliases, prompts
or any other code?


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