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Lucio M Nicolosi lmnicolosi at gmail.com
Fri Jan 30 10:55:05 UTC 2009

Linda Webb wrote:
> Just wanted to update you guys so you would know I appreciate all the
> help. I did download the first virtualbox and then saw the second
> message about the usb  so I downloaded the second one and then
> discovered that the two do not play good together on the same
> computer. I am beat and tomorrow is a "run day" so I will not be able
> to tackle it tomorrow. I am hoping for Sat. to try to learn how to
> remove both virtualboxes and start from scratch . I Really appreciate
> your inputs and your time and consideration! I applaud your knowledge
> and wish I just had a wee bit of your brains! Thank you and I plan to
> get back to you later - I just did not want to leave you hanging -have
> a great weekend!
> Grandmaw Linda


If you intend to keep your struggle may I suggest that you:

- Remove any VirtualBox version eventually installed in your system with 
(System/Administration/Synaptic/ Search "virtualbox" - remove 
completely) or the equivalent aptitude command.

- Install VirtualBox 2.1.2 from Ubuntu repositories 
(System/Administration/Synaptic/ - Search virtualbox" - install) and not 
directly from Sun. (In my case, Sun version didn't automatically insert 
a friendly link to the program in Applications/System Tools, which is a 
small nuissance). Only this recent version (Jan 21 2009) manages USB 
devices properly.

- Do not care much about reading every detail of  
since it is not up-to-date and the graphic install is indeed 
user-friendly, every step very well explained.

- When asked, set aside, if possible, at least 512MB of Ram memory for 
Win XP but no more than 50% of the total available memory and say, 32MB 
for video.

- When asked, create a virtual HD drive of at least 8GB for WinXP, 
because it is so hungry. It will reside in your home partition.

- Once Win OS is installed (inside VB) I wouldn't care to update bulky 
Internet Explorer or install any application that might be also 
available for Linux, since this makes no sense at all.

- Notice that before starting the guest OS you have to virtual set "on" 
your dear USB device (but not an USB mouse) and virtual mount the CD 
reader or CD image (you will certainly need it) since by default most 
virtual devices (com, lpt, sound) come "unplugged".

- When running VirtualBox please pay attention to the (right) Ctrl key 
that controls the mouse behavior among the OSs and the (right) Ctrl key 
plus the "F" key, that switches to full screen and back.

- And if something goes wrong, remove everything and start it all over 
again, it is just another software.

Good luck,


Lucio M. Nicolosi, Eng.
São Paulo - Brazil

email: lmnicolosi at gmail.com
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