Professional Network Office copier

Philippe Didier pdidier at
Fri Jan 30 04:30:22 UTC 2009


I am looking for a compatible network black-white office 
printer/scanner/fax with Ubuntu. I am not speaking about small 
all-in-one, but really big copier (15000 copies/month) used in a company 
with 100 staffs.

Finding a copier is not a problem (Konica/Fujixerox have many), but I 
would like to know if any have ever acces this kind of copier with 
network, because some copiers need authentification, and it could be a 
problem with Linux (from what I have read) ...

Any successful story about it ?

Thanks for your feedback.

(Copier example : Konica Bizhub / Fujixerox Document Centre)


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