How do I backup my email so that I can import it all back in at a later time if I need to?

Mark Pyles markfpyles at
Fri Jan 30 04:19:02 UTC 2009

Thank you.

Rashkae wrote:
> NoOp wrote:
>> Mail & News will contain the bulk of a folder, so I've found that it's
>> just as easier (and wiser) to just backup the whole thing. That way if
>> you need to restore, all of your profiles settings, extensions/add-ons,
>> etc., are restored as well. Plus, if you only want to just put back the
>> mail bits, you can easily just pull that folder from the backup and plug
>> it in.
> This.
> also worth noting that the OP's original question was to transfer
> Thunderbird from one machine/os to the other (unless I got my threads
> crossed again.), in which case, backing up it's whole directory is the
> way to go.  Your Spam/Ham file (I forget what file it is) is itself
> probably one of the most important files to backup besides your actual
> mail/address book, but so easy to overlook.
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