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steve sfreilly at
Fri Jan 30 02:04:50 UTC 2009

Pete Holsberg wrote:
> Tony Sivori has written on 1/22/2009 1:46 AM:
>> On Wed, 21 Jan 2009 23:23:13 -0500, Pete Holsberg wrote:
>>> Tell my bank! Also, Discover's secure credit card thing has an IE plugin
>>> but none for FF!!
>> Every financial site that I use (checking, mortgage, credit card, and
>> 401k) all work perfectly with Firefox.
>> If your bank is so clueless that it requires Internet Explorer, the only
>> browser so insecure that Homeland Security recommends that you use another
>> (any other) browser, then you should switch banks immediately.
> Do you have a citation for that Homeland Security recommendation?

it was a few years ago, but in my eyes still holds true today.  i
stopped using IE on windows pcs the first time i downloaded a linux
distro and saw other options were available.  from that day forward any
computer i work on, IE is replaced with firefox.

Steve Reilly

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