Best Motherboard for Ubuntu

Alex Janssen alex at
Thu Jan 29 05:22:52 UTC 2009

Justin wrote:
> I assume you're talking about motherboards with integrated video, in 
> which case chipset preference goes Intel > nvidia > ati. As far as the 
> network interface goes, the only thing I've ever had trouble with is 
> the occasional nvidia chip. Built in realtek and via sound chips are 
> generally problem free as well.
> I can try to point you towards a specific model if you give me more 
> info. Price range, what it's for, etc.
That helps.  I'm just looking for a basic, reliable mb for business 
desktop use.  It just needs to do a terminal, email, web, spreadsheet, 
and word processor.  The last one I got was a Biostar MCP6P-M2 GeForce 
6150 Socket AM2 and I had a little trouble with the video resolution.  
Ubu 8.10 did not readily recognize the video chip.

I'm cheap.  I usually go for the lowest price, but I would pay a little 
more to avoid such trouble.


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