How to recognise a WLAN/ WIFI connection at my laptop? (Intrepid)

Bas Roufs basroufs at
Wed Jan 28 12:37:45 UTC 2009

Dear Everybody

By means of the terminal test "iconfig - a" it became clear that my laptop
has internal cards for wired LAN ethernet (eth0) and bluethooth (pan0).
Those 2 connections are also being mentioned in the documentation with
respect to my laptop - a Medion 5400. Practice tests reveal that the
eth0-connection works everywhere fine now.
Now, I want to check how to establish a WLAN/ WIFI connection. via the same
laptop. In this message I focus at one issue only: how to recognise a
working WLAN device - either internal, or via a 'PCMCIA' card or via a USB
'dongle'? Is it possible to check via some terminal test wether the laptop
has an internal WLAN card? In case I need to buy an external WLAN device -
which kind works best: PCMCIA, USB dongle or anything else? Are there one or
more tests allowing me to check wether such a device works properly?

Thx. for replying. Respectfully yours,


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