Internet: browsers fails to connect to SOME sites, not all, for no reason.

Vincent Trouilliez vincent.trouilliez at
Wed Jan 28 05:39:22 UTC 2009

Hi list, 

I am having a really weird problem I think.

This morning I had a power cut, Ubuntu APPARENTLY survived, it booted
fine, Gnome showed its pretty face etc.
The problem is that now, 75% of the time, when I enter a URL in the web
browser, it says it can't find the site. However, in a terminal, if I
ping said sites, it has no problems resolving thei names, and it can
connect/ping them just fine. Also, if I try to connect to these sites
from a Windows virtual machine, they work perfectly.
So I guess it's not a problem with these sites, nor with my ISP's DNS
machine. I also tried using a "fresh"/new user account... no joy.
So to me it's got to be some system file in Ubuntu that got screwed up
due to the power cut... but since I am not so clued/competent, I don't
know how to trouble shoot it further to figure out what file(s)/package
(s) exactly needs fixing, so my only choice right now is to re-install
Ubuntu completely to start from a clean sheet, hoping it would fix the
problem ! :-/ I would like to avoid doing this, as it would take time
to reconfigure my system, re-install programs etc.

So if someone could help me narrow it down further, to find the faulty
file/package, I could try re-installing it, might fix my problem !
Ah, among the sites it fails to connec to, is my e-mail
provider.. so I am having to write this e-mail from my Windows XP
virtual machine, this is agony, please help me ! ;-)


Vince, pulling hair...

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