Moving my webserver to a new machine

Hal Burgiss hal at
Tue Jan 27 13:46:56 UTC 2009

> Currently there is not much on the webserver, just Gallery2, Wordpress and a
> couple of pages, but I do not want to have to reinstall or fiddle with the
> pictures (Gallery2) and blog entries (Wordpress) databases.
> The new webserver (the laptop) has a pristine intrepid ubuntu server
> installed as well as the gnome desktop (I am not fully converted to command
> line).

I work with Wordpress quite a bit. If all your content is via
Wordpress (as opposed to custom themes), then everything you need for
content is in the mysql database on the original server. You will need
to "dump" that on the old server and import it into the new server. It
probably will go easier if the databases are named the same. If you
are not comfortable with the command line, I'd sugggest phpmyadmin on
both servers, and you should be able to get where you want. Its a very
nifty web based mysql admin client. Cool stuff.

A couple of potential gotchas ... wordpress can be sensitive to
hostname and file path locations. Think here about uploaded images,
that kind of thing. My suggestion is to get the sql stuff imported and
see if the site runs. There are some admin settings (I think) for
hostname, etc. that you might be able to adjust from wp-admin (I say
"I think" because I usually dump the database and do a global search
and replace using vi for hostnames and file paths before I reload the
new server.)

You might search for a WP plugin too, that does migration. There
probably is one.


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