hi there, all!

Gilles Gravier gilles at gravier.org
Tue Jan 27 09:39:32 UTC 2009


Matthew Flaschen wrote:
> Gilles Gravier wrote:
>> 64 bits doesn't give you "better computation power". It gives you more
>> addressing space. That's all.
>> The price you have to pay is that for every operation you tend to have
>> to move around twice the amount of data than with 32 bits.
> It's not true that every data structure is twice as big.  Only longs and
> pointers are twice as big.  Everything smaller is unchanged.  See
> http://www.unix.org/whitepapers/64bit.html
> However, I agree that many use cases do have worse performance.

I was schematizing to make it simple...

Point remains. Don't use 64 bits unless you need to manipulate data that
requires 64 bit addressing.


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