Paul Gupta paul at
Mon Jan 26 21:39:31 UTC 2009

Mario Vukelic wrote:
> On Mon, 2009-01-26 at 15:15 -0600, John Graddy wrote:
>> I have tried sbackup.  I can't make it work, even going through the
>> procedure spelled out in the Ubuntu documentation.  
>> I have a desktop system with two users.  I am the "administrator" and my
>> wife also has an account.  I want her to use a backup to create her own
>> file backups.  I can do that from my account, but, when she tries it
>> from her account, the system asks for her administration password or
>> tells her that she doesn't have permission to run the program.
> You are doing it wrong. sbackup is more of a *system* backup system than
> a strictly *personal* backup system. You are the administrator of the
> machine (as defined in the "admin" group) and therefore responsible for
> making backups. Just tell sbackup to back up all of /home (which will
> include your wife's files) and whatever else your wife might need (maybe
> also external drives that are mounted under /media), tell it to run
> automatically, and you are done - without bothering your wife, who
> otherwise would probably forget to backup, anyway.

What's wrong with rsync? or unison, unison is a pretty awesome program, 
even though it's not being maintained anymore, I'm reasonably certain 
it's extremely stable

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