SAMBA problem

Pete Clapham peteclapham at
Mon Jan 26 19:34:05 UTC 2009

Hi, all --

I have set up an Ubuntu server (intrepid) with SAMBA as a Domain 
Controller, and it ALMOST works.  The message I get when I try to log in 
from a workstation is that the domain controller isn't communicating 
with it; when I check with the SAMBA log it says that the workstation 
tried to link up with it, but that there is no account for the computer 
in the domain and that it could not find the password.  This almost 
makes sense (at least that it couldn't find the password if there was no 
account).  However, SWAT (which seems to be a good way to administer a 
SAMBA account) doesn't tell me how to set up the computer accounts.  I 
have built the LMHOSTS file in the /etc/samba directory, but this 
apparently isn't enough.  Can anybody advise how to set up the accounts 
for the computers? 


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