Sites that require Internet Explorer

Derek Broughton derek at
Mon Jan 26 13:46:36 UTC 2009

Scott wrote:

> Linda wrote:
>> Actually that also is not an option we are required by law to submit the
>> forms electronically. Lower volume users can call the information in but
>> we don't have that option.
> I don't know what corporations use to send their taxes electronically in
> Canada,

I don't know either, since my wife does the corporate returns, but we've 
never had an issue.  iirc, while they have to be electronic, they don't 
actually require software outside a browser, and are cross-browser 
compatible, but I may misremember...

> but I know home users can use web based tax software on Linux.
> The web based version of QuickTax is suppose to work on Linux.  I have
> not tried it myself, 

I do the personal returns, and have used QuickTax web on Linux.

> but when I complained to intuit for not supporting
> Linux in their software their response is that I can still use their web
> based service from Linux.

I've tried that route myself :-)  I suppose I should be satisfied that there 
is _something_ that works, but I'd rather have a real Linux QuickTax. 

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