How to run GUI admin tools remotely?

Rashkae ubuntu at
Mon Jan 26 01:46:59 UTC 2009

Chris G wrote:

>> gksu services-admin
>> to start the program as root.
> Well, the program comes up on my desktop but the "Unlock" button is
> greyed out so I can't actually do anything with it.

*sigh* I remember the good old days when this used to be so easy....

right then.

Use either sudo -s or su -m to get root console, as I explained in my
previous e-mail.

Then run ck-launch-session  (That's part of Policy Kit / Consolekit,
which gnome-admin utilities now use to grant permissions)

once ck-launch-session is running, you should be able to execute the
gnome GUI admin tools as root and unlocked.

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