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Sun Jan 25 21:09:16 UTC 2009


I use an amd64 dual core with Intrepid Ibex at home in the UK and it is dead
slow on the internet and slow to respond, my XP PC next to it is fast. Both
use Wireless Cards

I have a PC here in Florida using an amd64 single processor with the same
version of Ubuntu and it runs as fast as the Vista PC next to it. Firefox is
not the issue I can use all my UK and US banking sites . Both my routers are
Netgear Wireless types. My UK is a combined DSL modem /Router and my US
modem is a Westell non wireless router used as a modem only (DHCP Bridged).
Both PCs are wired

This is a fairly common problem looking aound the forums and nobody seems to
have a handle on it yet so I am trying Wireshark to see if I can interpret
what is happening?

If you find out before I do I would appreciate the info.



On Sat, Jan 24, 2009 at 6:15 PM, Jim Kvarnberg <jimkvg at> wrote:

> On Jan 24, 2009, at 9:52 AM, Jim Kvarnberg wrote:
> > > When I clicked "online banking" in my bank website or some other
> > > places
> > > that require my login ID and password before I could open them, it
> > > took
> > > 'forever' to open them.  I got tired of staring at a mouse point icon
> > > wheel going round and round for a long time.  I fed up and went
> > > across a
> > > room to my laptop computer with wireless connection (its OS is Windows
> > > XP) to open the connection to the same places ... bingo they opened up
> > > real fast, beating the Ubuntu 8.10 amd64 operated computer.  What was
> > > wrong?  Any suggestion for solving the problem?  It will be
> > > appreciated.  Thank you.  Jim
> > > PS I want to stick to using the Ubuntu system.
> >
> There are several things that might be causing the problem.  First, I
> assume you were using Firefox on the Ubuntu machine, but you didn't
> >  Yes I am using Firefox and Thunderbird.  IE7 on the WinXP machine.
> mention which web browser you used on the Windows machine.  It is possible
> that your bank's website only works in IE.
> > I could not understand why, but I had Ubuntu 7.10 on my machine and used
> Firefox webbrowser.  I had no problem, but now ??? after many updates and
> upgrades.  I had problem with Ubuntu 8.04 and thought maybe 8.10 would
> improve, but no it didn't.  Did I miss something?
> It's also possible that the site's scripting might not be supported by
> Ubuntu's
> default javascript installation (which, incidentally, isn't Sun's
> java).  You might try installing the sun-java6-jre package in Ubuntu
> and trying again.
> >  I'll try sun-java6-jre package and then ies4linux package.
> If your bank's site only supports IE, you can try
> installing the ies4linux package (which you'll have to hunt down on
> the "Internets").
> >  I'll let u know result.
> PS  Instruct me how to reply right???  Thank you.  Jim
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