Flash not working after weekly updates

steve sfreilly at roadrunner.com
Sun Jan 25 15:58:09 UTC 2009

> Radu Serbanescu wrote:
>> Flash is (again) broken after today updates. And YES, I know it can be
>> fixed in command line, but why is it broken in the first place ? This is
>> just poor execution, you guys cannot compete with Win 7 and OSX like
>> that. I use Ubuntu since 2006 and I'm constantly disappointed by the
>> lack of execution at the levels I expect from such a wonderful product.

*warning  warning. flame alert..sound siren*

> You've obviously been reading, "How to Make Friends and Influence
> People". What makes you think that in the unlikely event the person who
> was responsible for the "poor execution" read your message, he would be
> motivated to help you when you came across as such a jackass?

wow... first rule pal, dont post anything when your pissed off.

i suspect that you think ubuntu should be, or is a direct competitor
with windows or osx.  windows is windows, and linux is linux.  every
operating system is different.  ubuntu meets my needs just as it is, as
i suspect a good portion of this list would think this as well.  it has
been, and always will be by design, superior to windows. i cant speak
for everyone, but it wouldnt matter to me if linux stayed at the same
market penetration it is at currently.

Steve Reilly


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