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> Leonard Chatagnier wrote:
> > Well, thanks Mark, for the tip as I slap myself across
> the face.  I thought
> > I had rebooted but after restarting firefox it was
> listed in the tools menu.
> > Still wondering though, if the js command I ran on the
> install.js was correct
> > and why the error output if command was correct.
> It was not correct.  You can not run AdBlock Plus outside
> the context of
> Firefox.  And it was already installed; you just had to
> restart Firefox.
Ok, got that.  A little learning going on here.  Outside the
context you mention, if that were not the case, is the command
syntax correct so that the installer file should run without
error. In other words, is the command line syntax correct so that the
executable would run correctly otherwise?

> > Not knowing a thing about using java or java script,
> knowing might start my learning process.
> JavaScript is unrelated to Java, other than the confusing
> name.
> JavaScript is a scripting language.  It is used on many
> websites, and is
> also part of the implementation of Firefox as well as
> Firefox plug-ins.
Thanks for the clarification.

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