grep is always recursive

Mark Kirkwood markir at
Sun Jan 25 06:44:55 UTC 2009

Preston Kutzner wrote:
> Hal, by any chance does this behavior present itself if you log in as 
> another user?  If you don't have any other users setup on your system, 
> I would suggest adding a new user (temporarily, you can remove it 
> later) and log in as the new user and try running grep and see if it 
> still behaves the same way.  If it does not, it's something specific 
> to your normal user account, and would therefore be some sort of 
> environment setting in your $HOME dir.  If it still exhibits the same 
> behavior, it means it's a system-wide environment setting.  At least 
> it will help pin-down where we need to look (/etc, versus most likely 
> one of the "dot" files in your home dir.)

I'm wondering if it might be a strangely named file in his $HOME. The 
output from:

$ ls -la $HOME

would be interesting to see.



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