Adblock-Plus How To

Mark Kirkwood markir at
Sat Jan 24 23:09:54 UTC 2009

Leonard Chatagnier wrote:
> Just installed it but can't find an executable anywhere, in menu K or with locate. Did some searching with locate and discovered that the executable file name is adblockplus, not adblock-plus
> and that it had a js installation file. Not knowing anything about java, I did a js --help and was prompted to run this command to install the adblock executable:
> sudo js -debug -f /usr/share/adblock-plus/install.js
> which gave this output:
> js: "/usr/share/adblock-plus/install.js", line 53: uncaught JavaScript runtime exception: ReferenceError: "Install" is not defined.
>         at /usr/share/adblock-plus/install.js:53
> Which leaves me not knowing how to solve the issue.
> Can anyone tell me how to resolve the issue or else how to properly get adblock-plus installed and functional. It was installed from the mirror:
> deb intrepid extras
> on an intrepid machine. Haven't googled on the issue
> yet as this seems like an Ubuntu installation issue.
> Any clues welcomed and thanks,

I installed this from Firefox's menu:  Tools->Add-ons->Get Addons.

I must confess, didn't even think to check for an Ubuntu package. There 
should be nothing to do, other that restarting Firefox after 
adblock-plus is installed. If that fails I'd be tempted to utterly 
remove it via:

$ sudo aptitude purge adblock-plus

... and get it via Firefox itself.



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