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> New Ubuntu user,
> I have xp on a lap. I downloaded Ubuntu and burnt a bootable cd. I
> get as far as the dos commands. I wan't to format c and install
> ubuntu. all of my dos commands are bad. I did type d: and it got me
> to the D drive and CD. I tryed format C: , Install , Install
> ubuntu ,setup, what dos command do I use. Thanks Ed

No dos in linux. If you are planning to erase windows completely, just
set your BIOS to boot from cd. Ubuntu will start up and you will hit
enter on the Install from CD line. After a bit it will ask how you want
to partition the drives. At that point, tell it to use Guided, all of
drive SCSI1 or (0,0,0). That will erase everything on C: and install

good luck,

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