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Sat Jan 24 15:39:22 UTC 2009

Tony Arnold <tony.arnold at>  said:
> Mario,
> Mario Vukelic wrote:
> > Yeah. "in theory" just as in theory if I knew the precise location
> > and momentum of every atom in the universe then I could use
> > Newton's laws to reveal the entire course of cosmic events, past
> > and future ;)  
> Sorry this is OT, but I got to thinking about this! I don't think your
> theory is possible.
> Firstly, Newton's laws are probably insufficient for these
> calculations. You probably need to take account of relativistic and
> quantum effects.
> Secondly, as it takes more than one atom to store the position of an
> atom, then it's not possible to store the positions of all atoms in
> the universe!
> Which made me think there is an absolute maximum on the amount of data
> storage there can be in the universe. Assuming we can store one bit
> per atom and there are about 10^70 atoms in the universe, this gives
> an absolute maximum storage capacity of 10^70 bits!
> Besides if you did run such a program, it would run for 7 million
> years and produce the answer 42:-)
> Regards,
> Tony.

It also violates the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle.
I'm certain.
But 42 is /still/ the answer.

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