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David MacClement davd at
Sat Jan 24 04:39:24 UTC 2009

My present plan (though I may take a week or more to get around to it) is
to fill my re-formatted hardDisk with my complete backup, as I saved it
just before I installed Ubuntu 8.04.1 in early May last year.

Then instal 8.04.1 from the ISO on CD I still have, which will give me
access to the files etc on my hardDisk as it was then. I will lose some
items I recorded in the last 8 months, but I can stand that.

Then I'll find how you upgrade from 8.04.1 to 8.04.2 (probably using
-System- -Administration- -Update Manager-) without _install_ing the -.2

(My "week or more" delay is because the backup external hardDisk is being
used at my son-in-law's business.)


On Sat, January 24, 2009 06:40 NZDT, David MacClement wrote "starting from
scratch as of May 2008.Re: Ubuntu 8.04.2 ... doesn't allow ... To Matt and
> Thanks, Matt (and others); here's my two tries (copy-n-paste from
> ----- begin -----
> davd at davd-laptop:~$ sudo parted /dev/sda print
> Error: Could not stat device /dev/sda - No such file or directory.
Retry/Cancel? c
> davd at davd-laptop:~$ sudo parted /dev/sda1 print
> Error: Could not stat device /dev/sda1 - No such file or directory -----
end -----
> I think this means there's nothing called sda in my FileSystem's dev
folder, and looking in it, that is so.
> I also noticed that there are a whole lot of block-devices and
> character-devices, all with zero bytes; including: hda, hda1, hda2, hda5.
> * Separately, to mks (Markus Schönhaber):
> The email notification from Ubuntu (which went to the address which I
access and download to the Evolution emailer on my 8.04.1), from memory
told me to go to:
> - which has:
> ...

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(Earlier: )
David MacClement:
> An hour ago I downloaded and installed Ubuntu 8.04.2 while using my
> 8.04.1, but now I find that neither my own hardDisk nor my earlier
> installations (e.g. with their Firefox bookmarks) are accessible to me.
> How do I either:
> 1) find those other partitions (e.g. the Grub loader list in a box, just
after start-up)
> - or:
> 2) remove (de-install) 8.04.2, leaving my computer as it was before.

On Fri, 23 Jan 2009 14:30:17 +0100 (CET), Markus Schönhaber
(ubuntu-users at wrote:

Without knowing what exactly you did while making the additional install
it's hard to tell. My guess would be that it's quite likely that you're
able to boot your old installation through the GRUB menu on bootup.

Although it's too late now, I'd like to ask: why did you do an
additional install when all you wanted is 8.04.2?
 The regular updates of 8.04 should already have given you that.


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