SSH between computers on LAN

Karl F. Larsen klarsen1 at
Sat Jan 24 00:49:48 UTC 2009

Brian wrote:
> On Fri 23 Jan 2009 at 15:03:44 -0700, Karl F. Larsen wrote:
>>     I have sshd on this Hardy on my big computer and it works fine when 
>> I ssh to it from my laptop with Intrepid. It goes through 2 routers and 
>> still works fine. But I can't get it to transfer files between the 2 
>> computers.
> Apologies for not answering your question directly but an alternative to
> play with is netcat. See here:
> I had to alter the nc commands slightly and use the -p option to specify
> the port to use.
    Hi and thanks for the new idea. But I just proved that this does not 
work well:

I put the laptop on a wire port of the second router. This router plugs 
into the first router and this computer is plugged into the first 
router. So now both computers are on wired Internet. I can ping this 
computer from the laptop and it is perfect. Now I ping the laptop from 
this computer and it fails totally. So there is a problem I'm not aware of.



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