How to label a disk

Matthew Flaschen matthew.flaschen at
Fri Jan 23 23:30:12 UTC 2009

frmas wrote:
> Matthew Flaschen a écrit :
>> sda5.  That's the partition the ext3 filesystem is on.  The "extended"
>> partition is just an artificial construct designed to allow more than 4
>> partitions on a drive.  Incidentally, you could get rid of it since you
>> have only one partition.  However, that would require reformatting.
> OK, thank you Matthew. It has worked just fine.
> Is it possible to "mount" that disk at the beginning of the backup
> process (I wrote a batch file for backing up two or three directories),
> and umount it at the end ?Francois

Yes.  I recommend you put the options you wish in a line of /etc/fstab ,
with the noauto option set.  For example (make sure you create
/media/backup first):

LABEL=backup  /media/backup ext3        defaults,noauto         0       0

Then, at the beginning of your script, simply do:

sudo mount /media/backup

and at the end

sudo umount /media/backup

See for more information on
fstab and its options.

Matt Flaschen

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