ssh within lan, bidirectional, causes Linksys wireless router to hiccough

Alan E. Davis lngndvs at
Fri Jan 23 11:42:30 UTC 2009

I connected to another machine on the same wireless router by ssh.  Then
from that machine, I did "scp <filename> ... " back to the machine I am
connecting from.  This clobbered the wireless router.  Unplugging the router
and modem got things back to normal.

I like the ability to move files around on the LAN side of the wireless
setup.  Is there something I need to know more about to do this?

I would very much appreciate hearing from a networking guru about this.  At
that point I have other questions about connecting between a hardwired
connection to my school network, and a machine plugged in to the same
network, but behind a linksys wireless router by dhcp.  Is it possible to
connect them?

Thank you


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