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The answer is to use "scp" which is cp over ssh. It comes as a standard
binary part of the ssh suite. If you have ssh, you have scp.

scp -r (-r means "recursive")

Now just type "scp" and the RETURN key for a description of the
parameters. You didn't mention if the source was local and destination
remote or vice versa... so I don't have the definitive answer for you.
But assuming the source is local, you would type :



H.S. wrote:
> Pete Clapham wrote:
>> Hi, all --
>> Can anybody tell me the syntax by which I would SFTP (or FTP) a complete
>> file hierarchy from one Ubuntu machine to another?
>> Thanks
> You have been give a few solutions, here is a GUI one. In Gnome you can
> connect to a network from Places menu and see the remote machine's
> folders and files in a Nautilus window. You can then drag/drop files
> between your local and remote machines via the GUI. One can do similar
> think in Konqueror by going by browsing to fish://username@remote.machine.
> I personally use scp and rsync and have used the GUI methods a few times.
> Regards.

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