And another Ubuntu convert!

Bart Silverstrim bsilver at
Wed Jan 21 23:35:33 UTC 2009

Mark Haney wrote:
> Karl F. Larsen wrote:
>>> Gilles.
>>     I have been using Linux, Red Hat and Ubuntu every day since 1996 and 
>> I have yet to see a virus. I think a fear of a virus on Ubuntu is unfounded.
>> Karl
> You really cannot be serious.  Man, people like you are fodder for
> serious malware writers.
> Apparently none of you get it.  This is all about popularity. I take it
> none of you have been watching the increase in malware on OSX?  As
> Windows market share drops, and OSX share increases the malware authors
> see that they need to diversify their efforts.  At some point Windows
> won't be the ONLY THING(TM).  Therefore, as linux becomes more popular
> (and Ubuntu is a big part of that), malware authors will begin turning
> their attention to it.

Malware really hasn't been *skyrocketing* for OS X.

While popularity...or, more accurately, market a definite 
factor, it's not necessarily the driving force in malware. There are far 
more muggings and robbery of convenience stores than bank robberies, 
despite them being the target with obviously more money. Even fewer of 
donut stores. They're more difficult because of increased security.

You go for the *easy* targets. Windows lacks security in its 
architecture. Also on the list are engineering is always 
more profitable...there's no shortage of stupidity out there.

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