And another Ubuntu convert!

Brian McKee brian.mckee at
Wed Jan 21 20:32:43 UTC 2009

On Wed, Jan 21, 2009 at 3:11 PM, John Hubbard <ender8282 at> wrote:
> Karl F. Larsen wrote:
>>     I have been using Linux, Red Hat and Ubuntu every day since 1996 and
>> I have yet to see a virus. I think a fear of a virus on Ubuntu is unfounded.
>> Karl

Quoting YOUR link

 "It has not been detected in the wild since its initial outbreak."

Even the kernel mailing list link that's there links back to a
*commercial anti-virus vendors analysis* which also states it's never
been seen in the wild.

Oh, and quoting that message a little bit more
"Doesn't look to me like being a Linux virus writer has any long term
career opportunities."

And since you've pushed that darned button of mine, let me rant for
one more paragraph before I kill file this thread.
If being popular was all it took to get people writing viruses, every
bloody Nokia, Blackberry, Palm, and iPhone would be encrusted with the

nuff said - will say no more


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