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Giuseppe Fuggiano giuseppe.fuggiano at
Wed Jan 21 20:04:58 UTC 2009

2009/1/21 H.S. <hs.samix at>:
> These are only a few things I recall from the top of my head. Regarding
> skype installation, note that there are actually three different ways to
> go about it. Usu medibuntu repos (preferable I guess), use a static
> binary (from Skype) or a dynamically linked binary from Skype (but this
> requires other dependencies to have been already installed), all
> available as deb packages.
> However, I am not a Windows expert. If Windows applications'
> installation from exe files takes care of the points I mentioned above,
> that will narrow the distinction between the two processes, I suppose.

I agree with all your points, H.S.

When I say "the Windows way" I mean that Windows users usually try to
download and install an application from the website, without using
the repository that is a cleanest way IMHO.

So one has to point out to the new users, that a concept called
"repository" exists in Linux and it's an enormous vantage respect to
Windows application management.

Giuseppe Fuggiano

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