disk partitioning for Ubuntu 8.1

NoOp glgxg at sbcglobal.net
Wed Jan 21 16:56:34 UTC 2009

On 01/21/2009 05:21 AM, Ray Leventhal wrote:

> On to my question.  I've googled a bunch but haven't yet seen a 
> preferred disk layout for Ubuntu.  My situation is this:
> M$WinDoze on first half of my drive, NTFS
> I've an unallocated 80GB segment on which I'd like to install Ubuntu. 
>  From what I can see, I need to manually create the partitions using 
> gparted from the LiveCD portion of the 8.1 distribution media.  If I can 
> do this in an automated fashion, I'd love a pointer in the right direction.
> If it does need to be done manually, given a 2GB memory system, I'd be 
> inclined to create a 4GB linux-swap partition, but am not sure (as I've 
> come from the RH camp) if there's a preferred / and /boot paradigm.

That's pretty much the safe formula.

How much swap do I need?

    * If you have n MB of RAM, you need between n and 2*n MB of swap.
    * If you have a disk big enough, just put 2*n MB swap.

You might find these of interest as well - they are a little basic, but
sometimes 'basic' is helpful :-)


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