And another Ubuntu convert!

Gilles Gravier gilles at
Wed Jan 21 11:54:34 UTC 2009


So a few days ago, my neighboor who isn't a very technical person (at
all) tells me "Gilles, could you come over and clean up the kids PCs?
It's riddled with viruses and addware, and very slow."

I answer "Sure... I can't re-install a full Windows - I don't have
copies - but I can put Linux on it... that will clean it up."

She asks if it will be hard to use... I say no.

So I come over. Boot up the live CD, check that main features work and
do an install...

After all updates and installing various stuff from Medibuntu I do a
demo for her. Here is part of the dialog that happened then :

H: Wow! That's fast!
M: Yes...

H: I mean MUCH faster that Windows!
M: Yes... But I told you that before.

H: Do I need an antivirus?
M: No.

H: And... can I do word processing?
M: Yes.

H: Can I play DVDs?
M: Yes.

H: Can I play games?
M: Yes.

H: Can I play?
M: Yes.

H: Can I...
M: Yes...

You get the picture.

aMSN, aMule, OpenOffice, VLC (and dvdcss), Flash (non free), Java6,
Skype, and she had all she needed!

I love it when people like what they get with Ubuntu!


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