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Tue Jan 20 20:25:11 UTC 2009

As I recall, back before the days of SATA when we used LILO, one used to 
be able to save a copy of the MBR with dd:

dd of=/mbr if=/dev/hdx bs=512 count=1

The boot script was in the first 446 bytes of the MBR, with the iptables 
following. One could restore an overwritten boot sequence with:

dd of=/dev/hdx of=/mbr bs=446 count=1

restoring the first 446 bytes leaving the iptables in tact. This did not 
appear to work when I tried it on an SATA disk. Has the MBA format 
changed, and if so does anybody know what the new format is?


Matthew Flaschen wrote:
> Andrew Burgess wrote:
>> Until recently, I was dual-booting Vista and Ubuntu 8.10. However, I've
>> installed the Windows 7 beta on a third partition. When it installed,
>> Windows 7 overrode the GRUB menu (I think) and so I only get Vista and Win7
>> as options on boot. I'm not sure how to repair the GRUB so that Ubuntu will
>> show up . . . or even how to get into Ubuntu! Windows can't read the ubuntu
>> partition, but I'm assuming I could do something to fix it if I booted from
>> a CD.
> That's right.  You can use the same CD you installed from.  See
> tutorials such as
> and
> Post if you have any trouble.
> Matt Flaschen

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