I want to help with documentation, where do I "sign up?"

Paul Gupta paul at guptaxpn.com
Sun Jan 18 00:47:58 UTC 2009

concerning the server guide, why not write a script to automatically 
print whatever we have for documentation in pdf form like...nightly or 

how is documentation being worked on? I'd like to help

Sorry for being such a noob, but I DO know my way around ubuntu rather 
well, I just don't quite know how to "jump in" for helping out, I'd like 
to help with documentation and how-to's and such, but don't want my 
efforts wasted if my guides will only be deleted and ignored etc.  What 
is the system for writing documentation for ubuntu? Where do I enlist? 
Is there someone who could help to "mentor" me or something similar?  I 
am also unfamiliar with launchpad.  Where can I get some help with that?

Thank you,

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