8.10 Desktop version hangs right after accepting password

Jim Allison jallison22 at comcast.net
Thu Jan 15 00:44:09 UTC 2009

Package: installation-reports Boot method: CD
Image version: 8.10 http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/download
Date: 1/14/09
Machine: Compaq SR1010NX
Processor: 2.7 G Celeron
Memory: 1GB
Partitions: 1 40GB

I booted from the CD I made from the iso and installed using the entire 
disk. The installation appeared to go OK. I rebooted, removed the CD and 
was prompted for a login. I entered my userame and password sucessfully, 
and then the system hung with an empty tan desktop. There is a mouse 
icon that tracks when I move the mouse, but nothing else comes up. I 
noticed a message when it is first booting that says "unable to load 
system description tables". I would love to get the system working, but 
I don't know where to go from here. Can anyone help me get started 
sortng this out?


Jim Allison

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