Why does my system dim and go grey sometimes?

norman norman at littletank.org
Tue Jan 20 12:55:34 UTC 2009

> It does dim just a tad when I unplug it from the power supply, but I 
> rarely do that unless I'm moving it to another location. The dimming I 
> experience is when the computer is having a hard time processing 
> something or a webpage or when I have too many things going at one time, 
> then it will dim and go grey and I won't be able to do anything until it 
> clears itself up. It's very perplexing. Thanks.

Of course, I recognise that when one says I have an Inspiron 1525 your
machine could be very different when compared to mine with regards to
memory, CPU and so. When you start to get dimming have you ever looked
at the System monitor to find out what is going on?


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