USB thumb drive pulled and icon left on desktop - how do I remove it??

Karl F. Larsen klarsen1 at
Tue Jan 20 00:00:38 UTC 2009

Paul Gupta wrote:
> Karl F. Larsen wrote:
>> Tommy Trussell wrote:
>>> On Sun, Jan 18, 2009 at 6:19 AM, Karl F. Larsen <klarsen1 at> 
>>> wrote:
>>>> Christian Csar wrote:
>>>>> Assuming that when you say you tried to unmount it you mean that you
>>>>> right clicked and selected unmount, then you could also try 
>>>>> unmounting
>>>>> it from the command line i.e. umount /media/disk or something 
>>>>> similar. I
>>>>> believe that if you mounted it in the first place, then you should 
>>>>> not
>>>>> need root privileges.
>>>>    You are wrong. You must be root to use mount and umount in a
>>>> terminal. There are some GUI things that appear to let a non-root 
>>>> mount
>>>> and umount and they work. But they use a root device to do it.
>>>> Karl
>>> NO... you CAN mount and umount devices as a user (non-root) in a
>>> terminal if the device is set with the correct permissions in fstab or
>>> hal. HOWEVER in many cases you will see a conflict because GNOME or
>>> KDE may have mounted the device and it will be busy because it's
>>> "owned" by those processes. SO if you log out of the GUI and use only
>>> a console ("virtual terminal") you won't have any trouble mounting and
>>> umounting devices as a user.
>>> When you use sudo or root to force the device to umount you may
>>> interfere with an active process, and/or you may corrupt data on the
>>> device if its contents have not finished writing.
>>     If this is the case why do I get this error message on Hardy?
>>  karl at karl-hardy:~$ mount -t ext3 /dev/sda2 /mnt
>> mount: only root can do that
>> karl at karl-hardy:~$
>>     This makes me think it needs to be root :-)
>> Karl
> I know this is going to sound silly...
> but have you simply tried rebooting?  The startup scripts tend to 
> clean up this kind of residue left over from unclean mounts...I think? 
> Since it's not going to be detected at boot it shouldn't be left there 
> on the desktop...
    Yes I have rebooted several times. This has been the case since way 
back into the early days. It just takes root to mount another system to 
this one.



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