SSH hacked?

Steve Lamb grey at
Mon Jan 19 11:07:40 UTC 2009

Gilles Gravier wrote:
> Rather than add an additional layer (knockd) I chose strong
> authentication. Each situation has several possible ways to address it.
> I'm not saying knockd is BAD. I'm just saying it's not the ultimate
> silver bullet that you seem to imply here.

    I never said it was.  I am saying it is quantifiably better than leaving
the port open to all comers all of the time.

> That phrase is formulated like if you were a teen-ager. Decades of
> security... Hum. I was hacking at systems back in 1986. Were you born
> then? 

    Ah, pulling the ol' "I'm older than you, boy" argument.  Nice.  86, hm?
Yeah, you could say I was born by then.

> I'm a CISSP. Are you?

    Better question is did you actually learn anything or just memorize enough
to pass the test so you can wave it around when you're caught spouting off

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