off topic but appropriate

Derek Broughton derek at
Mon Jan 19 03:01:29 UTC 2009

tom arnall wrote:

> Hi Folks,
> This post is off topic, but please read it as I think you will consider it
> appropriate.

Perhaps not, but I don't care :-)
> First the question:
> Why do you use this maillist instead of the ubuntu users forum?

Because I'm a dinosaur, and find web forums essentially unreadable?
Because I like the fact that my reader (actually NNTP, not email) grabs 
everything and presents it to me whether I'm actually online or not?

Take your pick.  Mail lists, or news servers, cater to the people who don't 
have fulltime / high bandwidth connections.  They also cater to people who 
just don't really understand web forums.  I fit both categories.

> I ask this question because I am working to organize a maillist for
> political discussion. You may ask, "There are hundreds of them already.
> Why add another?" 

No, actually I ask "why do you make the distinction"?  There are plenty of 
websites that gate mailing lists, so that you can do it both ways (though 
there are enough differences between the two formats that some people will 
always be annoyed by too little or too much quoting...)

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