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steve sfreilly at
Sun Jan 18 19:41:44 UTC 2009

tom arnall wrote:
> Hi Folks,
> > 
> I ask this question because I am working to organize a maillist for political 
> discussion. You may ask, "There are hundreds of them already. Why add 
> another?" The short answer is that for all practical purposes no one uses 
> them, although people use political forums like extensively. 
> Understanding this difference in participation is the next step in my 
> project.
> Thanks in advance for your help,
> tom arnall
> arcata
> This post is off topic, but please read it as I think you will consider it 
> appropriate.
> First the question: 
> 	Why do you use this maillist instead of the ubuntu users forum? 

forums arent for everybody.  i like to have all info in one place.  i
get every post sent to my email account so i dont have to go to a web
page and click 6 thousand times to read all the posts, and reply.

Steve Reilly

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