HTML table editor wanted.

Karl F. Larsen klarsen1 at
Sun Jan 18 14:01:21 UTC 2009

Chris G wrote:
> On Sun, Jan 18, 2009 at 12:13:38PM +1030, squareyes wrote:
>> Chris G wrote:
>>> I'm looking for a simple way to create HTML tables.  In particular I
>>> want to be able to create tables with various (and fairly random) row
>>> spans and column spans.
>>> I don't really mind how it works, it can be a Web based application, a
>>> word-processor look-alike, or something that converts a text 'source'
>>> file into tables.  I just want it to be simple to use.
>>> Currently I'm using reStructuredText which does most of what I want    
>>> but its "Grid Table" syntax for tables is laborious to use and its
>>> "Simple Tables" don't give me all the row and column spans I need.
>>> I might take a look at Open Office, I assume that can generate HTML,
>>> what's its tables like?
>> Hi,
>> have you had a look at Bluefish? Has a lot of table options.
>> Hope this helps.
>> Winton
> I tried Bluefish a long time ago but not for the specific job I have
> in mind at the moment so I'll take another look, thanks.
    I am playing with Open Office 2.4 and I wrote a web page on the 
editor and then got it to be saved as a HTML file and it did so. On 
Firefox it looked good.

    I have not tried any boxes. I know from the OO help that all 
pictures are saved as .jpl files. I wonder if you could make your boxes 
a picture?



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