Crash gnome-system-monitor

spacemarc spacemarc at
Sun Jan 18 12:49:27 UTC 2009

2009/1/17 Mario Vukelic <mario.vukelic at>:
> Do you have selinux installed and do you use it despite AppArmor being
> the default in Ubuntu and doing largely the same thing for a desktop
> user? If not, uninstall it.
> Or maybe do the opposite and enable it.
> A bug report should probably be filed against gnome-system-monitor at
> Launchpad.

i have removed Apparmor (Ubuntu default) and i have installed Selinux
(via Synaptic).
I type:
setenforce 0 or 1
to enable/disable it but the gnome-system-monitor doesn't works.
Now, i remove Selinux.

On Launchpad, i see a bug about this issue but is not a workaround.

How can I do?

P.S.: the gnome-system-monitor worked well until a few days ago...


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