ssh - connection refused

frmas frmas at
Sat Jan 17 06:37:59 UTC 2009

Smoot Carl-Mitchell a écrit :
>> When I restart ssh from my home computer (server), I have always the
>> same error message in the auth log file :
>> Jan 16 22:34:45 serv sshd[12379]: error: Bind to port 5317 on
>> failed: Address already in use.
>> (I don't use port 22, and here port 5317 is not the one I use really
>> ;-)), it 's just for the purpose of that message.
> The above message means port 5317 is in use by another process.  Try
> doing this to find out what is using port 5317:
> sudo lsof -i | grep 5317

This is the output I get :
me at myhome:~$ sudo lsof -i | grep 5317
[sudo] password for me:
sshd      5812        root    3u  IPv6  14878       TCP *:5317 (LISTEN)
me at myhome:~$

So nothing else is using it I guess. Francois

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