SSH hacked?

Steve Lamb grey at
Sat Jan 17 01:49:04 UTC 2009

Kent Borg wrote:
> One way of dealing with users choosing poor passwords is to not let them
> choose their own password. It seems a little fascist, but what is the
> burden?

    Your father calling up ever 2-3 weeks asking what his password is because
you picked it?  Whoops, sorry, you were talking the hypothetical here and not

> terribly burdensome. To lift from my previous example, is telling
> someone they have to type "showdown-beg-to-differ!50ec" really that bad?

    Yes when it is far simpler to give him a easier password and actually
secure your system.  If he ever needs SSH it is also far easier to script the
knock sequence once than to have to constantly reset the password.

> Will it seriously annoy anyone other than the recyclers whom you should
> want to stop anyway? After a little practice, it will become easy to type...

    Oh ye who have never dealt with the real world.

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