Configure Broadband BSNL

H.S. hs.samix at
Fri Jan 16 19:34:16 UTC 2009

john cv wrote:
> Haii
>  i am a new user of ubuntu. idont know more about this operating system.
> I want to configure my BSNL broadband connection in my system
> can anyone help me,plz
> a step by step instruction is needed
> john

You would have also got a modem to use your broadband connection. There
are two ways to use this modem: in pppoe mode or in bridge mode. IMHO,
the easier to use is the latter. So let us assume you are going to use
your modem in bridge mode. To do so, follow these instructions:

Note:  In bridge mode (for the modem), your computer is connected to the
modem via the LAN cable and the connection is started/stopped by the
computer while the modem is powered on.

Configuration: The steps to configure your broadband connection in your
Ubuntu machine are given here:

As mentioned on the above page, once done, you can then start the
connection with the command
$> pon dsl-provider

and stop it using the command
$> poff -a
$> poff dsl-provider

Just for more details, here are the steps for BSNL configuration:

Welcome to Ubuntu. And if you face any problems, feel free to ask here.
Good luck!

PS: A gentle and friendly advice: It is better to use reasonably good
grammar and more or less proper English on mailing lists and newsgroups.
You do not have to be a perfect English writer though. It goes a long
way toward getting fast and prompt help online. If your original
question is not clear or takes a lot of effort to read (due to bad
structure perhaps), many readers may choose to simply not respond.


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